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The Excelling Value of Help from Above

The struggle with difficult dogs is over and the groomer is the winner! Help From Above is a device for positioning any size dog or small animal in a standing posture for grooming or examination and treatment. The excelling value of the device is that now animals can be rotated 360 degrees with minimal effort from the operator and locked at 45 degree increments with no obstruction to hinder reaching any of the animals body. There is no limit to the variety of challenging dogs and other animals that can be groomed or examined with Help From Above! These include: 

  • The obese, inactive dog that cannot stand, especially when one paw is raised for clipping, toenail trimming, etc.
  • The young, unmannerly pup that is not yet accustomed to grooming or veterinary examination and is clueless to obedience. 
  • The timid animal that wants to lock his belly to the grooming or examining table. 
  • The geriatric dog that is so wobbly she can’t maintain her balance. 
  • The high-strung, bouncy dog that will try to leap off the table at the first opportunity. 
  • The cranky pet that would be happy to bite his way out of a day at the spa.